Apostolic Fraternity
Saint Catherine of Siena

Consecrated women who embrace an evangelical life completely devoted to Christ.

catherines of fasta


They are women who, moved by the Holy Spirit, commit themselves to follow the Lord by observing the evangelical counsels —poverty, chastity and obedience—, practicing fraternal charity and living their lives as a testimony of the arrival of the Kingdom of God.


They share the spirituality of the Dominican Order, and Saint Catherine of Siena is not only their patron saint but also their model of spiritual and apostolic life.

Apostolic Mission

As the spiritual sisters of the members of Fasta, they accompany them in prayer, counsel and example. They collaborate, together with the City, in the evangelization of culture, family and youth.

catherina rezando

In order to provide an appropriate space for discernment, spiritual growth and doctrinal formation of young women, Fasta has a House of Formation for the admission, incorporation and education of the Catherines.

In an atmosphere of fraternal life, young women are provided with the necessary means to prepare themselves for consecrating their lives to God, following Christ and fulfilling their mission.