It’s an international ecclesial movement made up of lays, consecrated women and priests united in their love to God, the Church and the Homeland that, through communities, evangelize the culture, the family and the youth.

The acronym stands for Fraternity of Groups Saint Thomas Aquinas, in allusion to its patron saint. As a response to the Church’s call made in the Second Vatican Council to promote laity commitment, Fasta offers to its members an itinerary of personal holiness.

We are a City
in the city

Our charism calls us to be apostles of Christ that announce the Gospel to build the City of God in the city of men, and thus to accompany everyone in their path to holiness.

Through charisms, the Holy Spirit seeks to support Fasta's initiatives to accomplish its evangelizing projects by accelerating the processes and making up for our natural capabilities, even when enriched by the Grace.

Fasta's Charism, Fr. Dr. Aníbal E. Fosbery, O.P.

Community Life

We share a community faith "for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Mt. 18:20)

Doctrinal Formation

We seek the personal growth of our members so they can take on the challenges the world presents with a Christian vision and according to the Magisterium of the Church.

Juvenile Spirit

Our daily apostolate is characterized by a juvenile energy and exercised from a historical vision filled with hope.

Catholic Culture

We spread the Church's message to found the things of this world in Christ.


We testify to the world that Christ invites us to be joyful and that happiness is to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters.


We believe that friendship is a special gift from the Holy Spirit by which we see the face of Christ in others.

Fasta stems from the heart of the Dominican Order and it's the fruit of the charism of its Founder. The charism of Fasta projects a brilliant light on the Dominican spirituality that highlights all of its elements in a new synthesis born from —but different to— the Order.


We put God at the center of our lives through the practice of faith, hope and charity.

Comprehensive Formation

Our formation encompasses every dimension of the person and aims at the self-perfection of our members.

Holy Rosary

We honor the Virgin Mary by praying the rosary and contemplate God when meditating on each mystery.


To follow the path to holiness, we promote the habit of Grace and a growing and conscious practice of virtues.

Dominican Saints

We look up to them as examples of a Christian life, and models of holiness and joyful hope.


A deep commitment towards formation, seeking to enrich the Church by spreading his doctrine.

Our Story

Fasta's Foundation
October 7
Leones City, Córdoba
Lay Fraternity of the Dominican Order
Priestly Apostolic Fraternity Thomas Aquinas
Foundation of Fasta University
Foundation of
Fasta in Brazil
Inauguration of Fasta School Madre Sacramento
Torrent, Valencia - Spain
Foundation of
Fasta in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The Priestly Apostolic Fraternity Thomas Aquinas was erected as a Public Clerical Association of Diocesan Right
Foundation of
Fasta in Mexico
Foundation of the first Fasta School in Africa "Collège Fasta Père Fosbery"
Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
First National Camp of the Juvenile Militia
Alpa Corral, Córdoba
Foundation of
the first school
Fasta School Angel María Boisdron, Tucumán
Foundation of
Fasta in Peru
Foundation of
Fasta in Spain
International Association of the Faithful of Pontifical Right
Apostolic Fraternity Saint Catherine of Siena
Foundation of
Fasta in Ecuador
Foundation of
Fasta in Costa Rica
of the Founding Father,
Friar Anibal E. Fosbery

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